Steve Benoit
Member Since: 2012
Club President
Employed by DuPont for 25 years and currently the Corporate Manager for Product Stewardship and Brand Licensing
Also employed as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Indiana teaching Product Stewardship in a Master’s program for Public Health
Six Sigma Green Belt certified
High Hazard Chemical Process Operations & Management certified by the Ministry of Ontario
Extensive experience with large project management in chemical operations & business People leadership experience
Electrical Engineering 

Chris Chesebro
Member Since: 2017

Howie Coons
Member Since: 2017

Married to Chantal Dore Coons

Sales Consultant Brockville Honda
Former Director of Operations, Alfresh Beverages, Toronto
Born in Brockville

George Duckworth
Member Since:

Damian Easton
Member Since: 2017
Sponsor: Scot Easton

Student: Algonquin College - Robotics
Certified Sailing Instructor
Member Brockville Yacht Club
Born in Brockville

Scot Easton
Member Since: 2012
Sponsor: Ted Usher

Married to Heather
Son Damian (member of the Kinsmen Club of Brockville)
Daughter Harley

Business Owner: Easton Enterprises (1988)
Involved in Minor Hockey since 2002, Certified: Development 1 Coach, Coach Steam, Coach Intro
Served as President of Brockville Minor Hockey
President Upper Canada Minor Hockey League
2nd Vice President of Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor District One
Member Brockville Yacht Club
Served as both President and Treasurer of Kampus Kids Daycare
Born in Brockville

Jim Gilbert
Member Since: 1998
Sponsor: Al Peters

Married to Connie Stratton

Work: St. Lawrence Lodge since 1990

Chair of 6 Pizza Nights
Brock Trail Citizen Committee
Has held all Kinsmen Club Offices

Erik Gravelle
Member Since:

John Henderson
Member Since:

Denis Laderoute
Member Since:1978

Married to Muriel
Children Shelley, Paul, Jason

Retired United Counties of Leeds & Grenville

Joined Kin in 1978 in Blind River On, was also in Kirkland Lake Club
Transferred to Brockville in 1989/1990
Past: director, secretary, treasurer, Vice President, president, 
Awards, several
Chaired many many projects.

Bob Mussell
Member Since:

Al Peters
Member Since: 1993 - 2007, 2016

Married to Bobbie

Work: Henderson Digital Marketing & Printing

Piovesan- A-squashed
Tony Piovesan
Member Since:

Don Russell HRF Life Member
Member Since:

Rob Smith
Member Since:

Dave Tidbury HRF Life Member

Member Since: 1981
Married to Doreen (who is a member of the Brockville Kinsmen Club)
Son Jason (member of the Cornwall Kinsmen Club)

Business Owner: Cornwall Truespeed - an internet provider

Life Member since: 1992
Kinsmen of the Year in Cornwall 3 times
Awarded 3 National Senior Bulletin Awards
Four times Club President in 3 different Clubs
Charter Chairman of Glengarry Kinsmen Club
Charter Member of the Kin Club of Russell
Only person to have been a member of 3 different clubs in the same Kin year - active member Brockville, Honourary Member Russell and Kinette Club of Brockville
Deputy Governor once, serving third and fourth terms as Governor of District 6
Kinsmen National President in 2002
Served on the National Membership, Awards, Education and Trainee committees
Proudest Kin Moment: 7th person ever (1st in District 6) to receive the Hal Rogers Fellow

Doreen Tidbury
Member Since: 1985
Married to Dave since 1973
Son Jason (member of the Cornwall Kinsmen Club)

I have filled many different club executive positions including numerous terms as club treasurer and President of the Kinette Club of Cornwall, the Kin Club of Fort Edmonton, and the Kinette club of Brockville
I served as the ZKC (old terminology for today's Deputy Governor) of Zone RSL and served as the District 6 treasurer on two occasions

I am glad the Kinsmen club have opened their membership to include women so that i can now be an active member

Karen Usher
Member Since:

Ted Usher Life Member
Member Since:
Business Owner: Thousand Island Sportswear

Peter Verhoven
Member Since:

Brad Warren
Member Since: