Be more than a Volunteer. Join the KIN Family!

Kin Canada offers you the opportunity to:

  • Volunteer in your community and see real results
  • Participate in individual and group projects chosen by you and your club
  • Participate in Leadership and event management training and personal development programs
  • Network with community and business leaders
  • Win prestigious national awards for personal and club accomplishments
  • travel the country and meet new people
  • CRC-VSC policy from KIN Canada

Types of Membership:


Members are men and woman at least 19 years of age, who are of good character and community standing.
Active members in good standing are eligible to attend meetings, hold office, participation all levels of the awards program,
serve on committees and vote on club, zone, district and national issues.

Life Members

Life members receive the highest honour the Association bestows on a member who has given at least 10 years of service
to the Association and his or her club.

Honourary Members

These are members of the community who are nominated, voted for and honoured by a club for their support of Kin Canada.
These members are not entitled to any of the privileges of Members.

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